Our Process

Whether you are buying a car, booking a holiday or renovating your home it’s an investment for you financially and with your time. Shopping around for quotes, trying to weigh up between the different retailers and products on the market all takes time. We like to ensure that from the moment you call in, call or email us that we are delivering to you a different level of customer service.
We can easily give you a price for a stock standard shed, but that’s not we are about. It’s about knowing you, what you want to use the shed or garage for, your site, your lifestyle and your budget. By knowing more about you we can then ensure that whatever project big or small it will work in with you.
The full range of services we offer include an onsite inspection with a project manager, permit requirement assessment, permit service and concreting and construction.
When your dream becomes one of our projects we immediately commence the process to fulfil that dream. Our admin team will continually work on your project to ensure that from start to finish you are able to enjoy a seamless trouble free journey.
Once the permits are approved then your building goes into production and plans go to the concreter. By doing this it enables us to concurrently have the concrete poured, cured, ready for when the materials arrive.
Once completed the construction team will clean and sweep up ready for you to enjoy your new addition to your home.